ProCo Web Solutions

What We Offer

ProCo Web Solutions is dedicated to helping companies leverage existing data and manage it using 21st Century technology solutions and optimized workflows. From our collective experience too many companies today waste valuable manpower using out-dated workflows simply because of an all too common that is how we have always done it mentality. Our approach is to analyze existing software systems; meet with the actual users along with management to understand not only the current workflow but also the impediments to increased productivity; and to then offer suggestions to both leverage existing technology investments along with propose improved worklows using today's technology.
For example, we offer an iPad application, which is white labelled by our clients, that integrates with various vendor's asset tracking and inventory management backend systems.
This application can talk to any Microsoft SQLServer or MySql database and expose the existing data to the iPad. In turn the iPad (and in the near future the iPhone) communicates to a WCF RESTful web service that co-exists with the legacy application and, the best part is this integration requires making no changes to the underlying legacy application.

The ProCo team truely is a team, the principals have worked together for many years in other companies, and while we all like and respect the talents of each other, at the same time none of us are afraid to challenge an idea or design. In fact, our corporate culture strongly encourages sanity checks and alternative proposals by all members of our team to insure the best outcome for our clients.

Core Technologies

Since some of us have over 30 years of experience in the ever changing world of software development, we have seen and developed with a wide variety of technologies and tools over the years. Some we miss, others we are glad we no longer have to deal with. Today we build scalable backend systems using web services for handling enterprise data and target the content and workflow for mobile devices, starting with the iPad and iPhone and soon expanding to Andriod. Our core competencies include:

  • Database Technologies
    • SQLServer
    • MySql
  • .NET Technologies
    • C#
    • F#
    • Linq and XML
  • Apple mobile Technologies
    • Objective-C
    • SQLLite
    • HTML-5

Our team also offers professional services including custom SQL database design, workflow analysis and design, assistance with integrating different systems, web service design and implementation, and data export and import.   Contact us to discuss the vexing problems your company faces.